02 January 2011

Diana Lens

Diana Fisheye Lens on a Canon 40D.  Images processed in Nikon's ViewNX.

This last image was not processed in ViewNX.  Is it me, or is the fisheye effect missing?


ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

It does not look very "bent" - but I like them anyway.

greg horn said...

hey liz-
you're prof is very cool. Nice pics, sis. I actually have 3 Diana cameras (but use hipstamatic more these days)
Also love polaroids- the film is not cheap, but there's no other way to get the same bitchin results). I collect vintage cameras (other funky ass old technology as well) I'm in inner SE, a sound engineer & musician and a pretty nice guy (at lest my mom thinks so).
it does bot look very bent, but i have a feeling you are